Nintendo Switch finally gets Bluetooth audio support in new update

Nintendo has released the latest software update for its Switch consoles, including the Switch and Switch Lite. The update is a notable one, and it brings with it a key feature that owners have been requesting for quite some time: support for Bluetooth audio devices. With this support, you can now play your games using wireless earbuds, headphones, or even a Bluetooth speaker if you prefer.

The Nintendo Switch consoles feature a 3.5mm audio port through which you can plug in a headset or earbuds. Wired headphones have become less popular and are less convenient than, for example, popping in a pair of true wireless earbuds for those times you're gaming in public. That's where this new update comes in.

According to Nintendo, players can now save up to 10 Bluetooth audio devices to their console, though only one can be paired at a time. The wireless headphones can be used at the same time as up to two wireless controllers. Nintendo notes that its Switch will disconnect from Bluetooth audio when the player engages in "local communication."

As well, the Switch consoles don't support Bluetooth microphones, and, depending on the device you're using, Nintendo says you may experience some audio latency issues. Head over to the Nintendo Switch support website for full details on pairing Bluetooth audio devices with your console.

Bluetooth audio aside, the new Switch update version 13.0.0 also brings some new items in the system settings, including the option to "Maintain Internet Connection in Sleep Mode." Likewise, there's a new Update Dock option under the system settings that allow users to update the docks that feature a LAN port. The full Switch software update 13.0.0 changelog can be found here.