Nintendo Switch emulator yuzu launched by Citra devs

Like any other new gaming console, the Nintendo Switch has its fair share of exclusives you won't find anywhere else. And as with any other console, there will be gamers interested in those titles but not in the hardware at all. For better or worse, legal or (often) not, emulation is their go-to solution. It was really only a matter of time before a Nintendo Switch emulator popped up. But while this new yuzu experimental emulator is indeed a real thing, don't plan on doing much with it just yet.

In its current form, yuzu is more a learning and development tool than one that can be used to play Switch games. Specially commercial Switch games. It can be used for homebrew Switch games but it's still too early in its development to be a stable platform for that.

There is much hope it won't stay that way for long. The people behind yuzu are some of the very same developers behind Citra, one of the first and probably one of the more popular Nintendo 3DS emulators. In fact, yuzu and Citra share some core parts together, so development on one benefits the other.

So what use is a Nintendo Switch emulator that can't play Nintendo Switch games? Of course, that will happen soon. How soon will depend on the amount of help the developers get by going public. The project is released as open source possibly to get as many interested people onboard.

VIA: Reddit