Nintendo '' domain is activated

A new website domain has hinted that Nintendo is working on a game to be titled Super Mario 4 or some variation thereof. What's curious is trying to figure out what platform this game could be for and exactly what kind of game it might be. After all, the last time there was an Mario game with no sequel that ended in the number 3, it was Super Mario Bros 3, which many fans consider the last great Mario game.

Lighting fuel to this fire is that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata noted earlier this year, in passing, that the company was working on a new 2D adventure for Mario, suggesting that the franchise was going back to its old-school roots. Of course, the registering of a domain is one of the least important steps in creating a game, so one would be wise not to read too much into this.

Nevertheless, Nintendo registered that domain for a reason, and if there was a spiritual sequel to Super Mario Bros 3, it would bring delight to Nintendo fanatics the world over. Sega had a modicum of success by trying to go back to Sonic's old-school roots in releasing games like Sonic the Hedgehod 4 and Sonic Generations, but neither of those was truly an accurate continuation to what a new Genesis game would have been like.

[via IGN]