Nintendo: Splatoon gets 'massive update' next month

Nintendo is planning to push out a "massive" update for Splatoon on August 5, and with it will come a pair of new matchmaking modes, a level cap increase, new types of weapons, and more than three dozens new pieces of gear. The update will be provided for free for the Wii U; Nintendo is sure to point out that it has other updates planned, as well, saying it has additional updates in the pipeline for both this summer and the quickly approaching fall season.

With this upcoming update, users will get the new Private Battle and Squad Battle matchmaking options, with the first of the two allowing friends to play in a customizable private match (up to eight players), and Squad Battle allowing friends to play together in Ranked Battle.

The level caps in Ranked Battle and Regular Battle modes has been increased, with players being able to (after updating) reach level 50 rather than 20, and ranks higher than A+ (S and S+). A pair of new weapons join the changes: Slosher weapons for shooting ink straight ahead to long distances, and Splating.

Nintendo describes Splating weapons being gatling-style weapons for charging blasts of ink. Rounding out the changes are 40 pieces of gear like, oddly enough, a sushi chef costume, a leather jacker, and more. New weapons, more maps, and Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode will all be coming in future updates.