Nintendo shows off new black 3DS XL/LL and special editions

The Nintendo 3DS XL/LL is the larger screen version of the original 3DS portable that has been available for a while. Nintendo has added a new color to the lineup for the larger screen portable console and is showing off some limited-edition bundles for the console as well. The new colors are an effort to spur sales of the 3-D portable console.

Nintendo says that on January 11, it will launch a black version of the 3DS XL/LL. The company is set to launch other colors of the console this month in Japan. Nintendo is set to launch this week a pink and white, silver and black, white, and red and black versions of the console in Japan. A blue and black version is also coming with all the consoles selling for ¥18,900.

The first of the limited-edition bundle packs is the Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G Pack. This pack will launch on November 1 and will sell for ¥21,800. The console itself is black, and it comes bundled with the Capcom video game. The next limited-edition bundle is the Animal Crossing Tobidaseru Pack that will launch on November 8.

The console in this bundle pack is white with red, green, and yellow objects and dots on the white background. The cooler of limited-edition bundle packs is the new Super Mario Bros. 2 pack set to launch on November 15 for ¥22,800. The bundle will include the video game and has a red and black console inside with little star shapes and other designs gamers will recognize from the video game.