Nintendo sends out SNES controllers for the Wii

Since I picked up my Wii last month, I've been wondering why the so-called "Classic Controller" didn't actually look or feel like any classic Nintendo controller I'd ever used. I'd much rather have my  old SNES controller than that thing any day. Well, as it turns out, if you're a member of a super secret Nintendo group, you'll actually get such a controller.

Okay, so Club Nintendo isn't a secret group. However, if you don't live in Japan, you can't be a member, which does kind of suck. Also, the controller isn't a Super Nintendo controller, but rather one from the Super Famicom. Details, right?

At any rate, members of Club Nintendo have been receiving these Super Famicom controllers which hook into the Wiimote in the same way the Classic Controller does. There's no word on whether or not they plan to actually sell such controllers, but you can bet your sweet ass I'd buy one.

[via Kotaku]