Nintendo sees surprise profit: has Splatoon, 3DS, amiibo to thank

Nintendo detailed its latest quarterly financial details today, revealing a surprise upswing in revenue as quarterly sales increased more than 20-percent and net profit hit 8.28 billion yen (versus last year's 9.9 billion yen loss for the same quarter). Nintendo largely has a combination of weaker yen and a sharp rise in new game sales to thank, the latter of which was led by the widespread success of Splatoon. As expected, amiibo — which gained several new figures over the past couple months — also helped the video game company.

According to Nintendo's financial report, the company saw its 3DS hardware sales reach 1.01 million units, and games for the consoles released last month helped contribute to the 3DS' global software sales reaching 7.92 million units. Nintendo gives Splatoon a big pat on the back, too, saying its 1.62 million unit sales and overall success "contributed to vitalizing the Wii U platform."

Wii U hardware sales weren't all that notable, however, decreasing year-on-year to 0.47 million units globally last quarter (Wii U software sales hit 4.55 million units). Nintendo says amiibo sales were "favorable", and all of it ultimately resulted in an 8.2 billion yen profit.

The company points toward several upcoming Nintendo 3DS software releases that it anticipates will "further expand" its 3DS business, but Wii U outlook was more demure. Says Nintendo, "maintaining the attention level of Splatoon" will help it "enhance" its sales over the rest of the year, and that it is looking to "maintain the performance" of Wii U titles that are already available.