Nintendo scores 0.3 on Greenpeace rankings

The world (mostly) seems to love Nintendo. Almost every gamer has some kind of fond memories of the company, whether it's with their shiny new Wii, or the classic NES. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that Nintendo loves the world. Or at least that's the way Greenpeace sees it.

Greenpeace releases a "Guide to Greener Electronics" guide on a regular basis which tracks how "green" technology companies are on a scale from 0-10. Their latest guide features 18 companies, and Nintendo came in dead last.

Not only did they come in dead last, they scored only a measly 0.3 of 10. Their closest competitor (Philips) scored a full four points higher. There are a total of nine different categories that are taken into account for the score. Apparently the only thing Nintendo managed to do was establish a Green Procurement Standards for Suppliers. They weren't able to actually provide this information, only mention that they had it. That gave them a "Partially Bad" on Chemicals Management, and "Bad" on everything else.

[via Reg Hardware]