Nintendo reveals best-selling Switch indie games for 2020

2020 was a pretty good year for indie games all things considered, and now Nintendo is recapping the year's best-selling indie titles on the Nintendo Switch. There are a obviously a lot of fan favorites featured in Nintendo's recap – obviously, otherwise they wouldn't be the platform's best-selling indie games – but there's always a chance you could be introduced a new game by checking it out.

Nintendo's video doesn't reveal any sales numbers, so we won't know how these indie games rank. That also makes this more of an ad for indie games on the Switch than anything else, but it's still nice to see a rundown of 2020's worthwhile indie titles nonetheless.

The video begins with an extended look at none other than Hades, which was in the running for Game of the Year and a number of other awards during this year's Game Awards. Hades has been the talk of the indie scene throughout 2020, so it's not a shock to see it feature so prominently in Nintendo's video.

Following Hades, we see clips from a number of other games, including Streets of Rage 4, Spritifarer, Moving Out, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, What the Golf?, and Carrion. Some of the perhaps lesser-known indie games on the list include Super Mega Baseball 3 and Sakuna of Rice and Rain. Keep an eye out for appearances from longtime indie favorites that made their debut on the Switch this year, including titles like CrossCode and Kentucky Route Zero.

If nothing else, Nintendo's latest Indie World video drives home just how good of a year it was for the indie scene in general, not just on the Nintendo Switch. Did you play any of the games in Nintendo's video this year? Head down to the comments section and let us know!