Nintendo reminds DSi owners to claim free points

The only game console that we don't have in my house is the DSi. The portable system looks cool and the only real reason we don't have one is that I can't talk one of my kids into asking Santa for it. The DSi certainly has some cool looking games.

Nintendo is reminding those who are looking for a DSi or have recently purchased one to log onto the DSI Shop by noon Pacific time on October 5 to get their free 1,000 DSi points. The points can be redeemed for games or other applications.

Nintendo also says that once the points are claimed the user can keep them as long as they want, points never expire. Software offered in the DSi Shop is at four price points, free, 200 points, 500 points, and 800 points and up. Those getting their 1,000 points will be able to get one or even more games or apps for free, just for logging on before the deadline. Not a bad deal at all. If you need more points, you can grab 2,000 for $19.99.