Nintendo receives death and bomb threats, man arrested in Japan

The console wars have always been heated, but at least one person appears to have taken them entirely too seriously. Though he hasn't been publicly named, the Sankei News is reporting that early this year, Nintendo received death threats against two of its executives, something that was later followed with bomb threats against the company's headquarters.

The threats were reportedly sent to the company through its online inquiry system, where two Nintendo executives who have not been identified were threatened. According to Japanese media, the individual said that he would kill these executives "sooner or later" on May 20 of this year, something he did with his home computer, which would later go on to condemn him.

Through the Nintendo website, the individual then went on to make other threats, among them being that he had "planted bombs at Nintendo headquarters, tomorrow afternoon they're going to blow up, Nintendo go [sic] bankrupt." This particular comment was matched to his home connection's IP address, which lead to his ultimate downfall.

The man is said to have been arrested today by the Kyoto Police in the Akita Prefecture, and he has since confessed to his threats. Other threats of a similar nature were also sent a couple months ago, and though the sender hasn't yet been identified, law enforcement is investigating whether he was also responsible for these messages.

VIA: Kotaku

Image via Reuters