Nintendo Pokemon Conquest new features revealed

The franchise that is usually on the bleeding edge of connectivity and high-end features for Nintendo's portable systems (read: rudimentary basic services on other systems) is making its presence on the DS known. While not a lot of the newly announced features actually push the DS to its limit, they will nonetheless be a very welcome addition to long-time franchise fans.

For example, Pokemon Conquest will have a feature called Pokemon Passwords. Nintendo will distribute special passwords through online outlets and physical media that allow users to encite an "outbreak" of a certain Pokemon. This means it could be possible to capture rare creatures early on in the game, if players happen to have the appropriate password. There is also a system called Perfect Link, which allows players to create strong bonds with their Pokemon.

And finally, the option that takes advantage of the DS's Internet capabilities is called will be for downloading new episodes. "Additional episodes are available to players after playing through the first episode of the game, and others will be available for download over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection after the game's launch on June 18," Nintendo explained.

[via Gaming-Age]