Nintendo plans to unify its console and portable gaming divisions

Japanese publication Nikkei reports that Nintendo is set to make a significant change to its operations. Nintendo is going to be combining its console and handheld divisions as part of a major shift in the gaming company's organizational structure. Nintendo is said to be merging the two divisions into a single unit within the next month.

Nintendo is also reportedly set to invest a significant chunk of money into the new merged operation to the tune of $340 million. That money will be spent on a new development facility in Kyoto that should be open by the end of 2013. If you're wondering why Nintendo would want to merge its console and portable divisions, the goal is to speed the development process by allowing the two divisions to share knowledge and technology.

Odds are the move will also mean greater interaction between Nintendo's portable and console game systems. Nintendo is willing to try just about anything as its fortunes have been in decline over the last year. The company's latest console the Nintendo Wii U has reportedly underperformed for some retailers.

Nintendo's latest portable, the 3DS, hasn't been the major success that Nintendo hoped for so far. The merger of console and portable divisions is the first time in nine years that Nintendo has made major changes to its organization. Hopefully the change will work well for Nintendo because the console gaming segment has new challengers coming to the space with devices like the Ouya console and new versions of the Xbox and PlayStation expected this year.

[via The Verge]