Nintendo Personal Trainer: Walking headed for U.S.

Video game companies continue to delve into the fitness-oriented aspect of games these days and now Nintendo will be launching their Personal Trainer: Walking game in the U.S. soon for both the DS and the DSi.

The game itself comes with two pedometers that automatically sync with your gaming system wirelessly. This way, the game can keep track of all the steps you take, no matter where you are. So really, you can play the game, even when you don't have the game right in front of you. 

You can then view your steps in the form of various stats to see how your exercising efforts are going. You can track your pet's steps, even, by hooking the pedometer to a collar. The game itself lets you "walk" through various towns, cities and even in space for added fun. You can get Personal Trainer: Walking on May 26th for $49.99.