Nintendo Patent Outlines Wii Remote Touchpad Accessory

I like it when patents surface from places like Apple, Nintendo and others that show off what we will probably see in the future from the country. The latest patent to surface is from Nintendo and it shows an accessory that appears to show a way to turn the Wii Remote into a touchpad. The patent app line art shows a device that slips onto the Remote.

The patent also appears to show some sort device connecting to the Wii as well. It seems that the touchpad accessory amplifies the LED using mirrors that are on the remote and interprets that as positional data when you touch the pad. It's a pretty ingenious way to make the controller into a touchpad really.

There is no indication of when it will come to market or if it will come to market. A lot of the patents we see from companies will never see a store shelf. This would be an interesting accessory to make it though.

[via Siliconera]