Nintendo officially announces Wii Music

It's no small secret that rhythm games are immensely popular right now. We've got the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises trying to one-up each other with their next release, Konami is poised to release their own Rock Revolution and even Nintendo is looking to get a piece of the action with their own Wii Music which was officially announced at E3.

This game takes advantage of not only the Wiimote and Nunchuk for the 50+ instruments you will be able to simulate, but you'll also get to bust out that Wii Balance Board that's been collecting dust in your closet. What's interesting is that this game is completely different than anything we've seen before. You make your own music with these 'instruments,' rather than mimicking predefined music like in the GH and RB titles.

According to Shigeru Miyamoto "Wii Music is a slightly different play experience than you've seen with other music games. Now most music games require you to press buttons with precise timing to symbols on screen, but we've designed Wii Music to allow everyone, inclusing those who can't read music to enjoy the experience of playing music." I guess you just move around (or blow into) your controllers and hope that something good comes out of your TV. The game will save your musical creations for you to play back to others at a later time.

[via Joystiq]