Nintendo Miiverse has 'big changes' inbound

Nintendo has revealed some upcoming 'big' changes for Miiverse, with new features being inbound as part of a redesign that will improve one's ability to talk about the titles they're playing. Included among all this will be a new look for different aspects of Miiverse, with items being broken down by category and those categories are getting a new look. Discussions, Drawings, and Journal entries will all have their own sections, and some other current features will be going away as a result.

Nintendo announced the changes on the Miiverse site recently, saying only that the changes will be coming some time this summer. There's talk of a screenshot album, which will save screenshots in an album for collecting memories, says Nintendo. Up to 100 screenshots can be saved in this particular album. It is also private so others won't be able to see it.

The Play Journal is a place to record "gaming experiences" in entries about the games one is playing, something that can be done by opening Miiverse while playing. These entries will have a screenshot from the game that is being written about. This feature will replace the activity feed posting.

Nintendo also says it will be reducing the limitations on posting entries at a fast rate after the redesign, with up to a combined total of 30 comments/posts every day being available. This limitation will also not include the in-game posts.

SOURCE: Miiverse