Nintendo Labo VR will work with Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild

The tragedy of the Virtual Boy may have traumatized Nintendo for a time but now it seems to be giving virtual reality another shot, just from a different angle. Last month, it introduced its latest Labo kit that turned the Switch into a makeshift machine. Now it is announcing that its cardboard-based VR Goggles won't be limited to just small games and experiments, it will also open new experiences to two of the Switch's most popular games.

Nintendo broke tradition when it didn't include launch titles with the Switch but The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and, later, Super Mario Odyssey are pretty much considered as such. It's only fitting then that these are also the first two retroactively get support for Nintendo's one and only VR system.

That said, don't get too excites yet until the first experiences land. The company has been pretty coy about the details of how it will all work but the two games will implement the experiences in different ways. Super Mario Odyssey, for example, will add new mini-missions but Breathe of the Wild will apply the VR experience throughout the entire game, no restarting required.

How it will play out, however, is another question entirely. The video above doesn't exactly look like your average VR first-person view. In addition, the Labo VR Goggles doesn't have any head strap, which, again, is atypical of a VR experience.

We'll have to wait for the end of the month to find out. Labo VR support will land on April 26 as a free update to the two games. That gives interested gamers plenty of time to decide whether to invest in a $80 base kit that will launch April 12.