Nintendo Labo launches today: Watch Bill Nye mess around with it

After being revealed at the beginning of the year, Nintendo Labo has finally arrived. Labo is easily the most interesting use of the Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con controllers we've seen thus far, as it has users building different devices out of cardboard – dubbed Toy-Cons – and then playing games with their creations. It's a very cool idea and one that might even get some kids interested in engineering, but if you're still not quite sure what Labo is, Nintendo has recruited a fairly big name to help demo it.

Today, Nintendo launched a new video in which Bill Nye the Science Guy spends some time messing around with Labo. Nintendo invited Nye into the "Toy-Con Lab," where he had the opportunity to build some of Labo's Toy-Cons and play around with them. Though the video doesn't go too terribly in-depth, it should still be a good jumping off point for folks who are trying to figure out what Labo is.

Nye gets the chance to experiment with both of Labo's launch kits. The Labo Variety Kit is probably the more accessible of the two for most people, as it comes with five different Toy-Con devices in all. These include a pair of RC cars, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike, and a piano. Most of Nye's time is spent playing around with the RC cars and the fishing rod, but we also catch glimpses of the other devices included in the Variety Kit.

For something a little more intensive, there's also the Labo Robot Kit. Unlike the other Toy-Con devices, users actually wear the Robot Kit once it's been constructed, using it to control a robot avatar in the accompanying game. Unfortunately, we don't really get to see Nye put the Robot Kit through its paces, though we do catch a glimpse of him playing around with it at the beginning of the video.

In the end, Nye seems pretty impressed with what Nintendo Labo has to offer, but that isn't much of a surprise given the man's love for science. It'll be interesting to see how Nintendo Labo performs with consumers. Though it definitely isn't your garden variety video game, it isn't hard to see Labo's do-it-yourself nature appealing to children and parents alike. What do you think of Labo? Are you picking up a kit for yourself today? Head down to the comment section and let us know!