Nintendo has its own sleep tracker in the pipeline

Sleep and the modern world are constantly butting heads; even if you get to bed on time, there's a good chance your smartphone is right there next to you, beckoning with endless distractions that deprive you of the sleep necessary for optimal health. Many of the fitness trackers on the market include a sleep mode that keeps tabs on how many hours you spend snoozing. Nintendo is working on something similar, but it won't come in the form of a wearable.

Today the company announced that it'll be working alongside ResMed Inc. to develop a device for tracking fatigue levels and sleep data. Rather than keeping track of sleep using a wearable of some sort, Nintendo envisions a small device that is placed on a bedside stand near where the user sleeps.

That device will then use "microwave transmission sensors" to keep tabs on sleep. That data will be aggregated, and will in some way be used to provide tailored information for making improvements to that sleep. Oddly enough, this isn't something you'll buy, with Nintendo instead considering a subscription plan.

There are no other details about the device, nor about how Nintendo plans to price its subscription (or even how that subscription will work). It did reveal that the sleep tracker will be available some time during its next financial year, and that it expects its relatively new health division to start turning a profit next year.

SOURCE: Yahoo News