Nintendo Flash games are unofficially being saved from extinction

Flash is practically dead, whether you like it, and many definitely do, or not. But with it will go many of the Flash-based content that, admittedly, may have never seen the light of day without the now derided technology. Those include games made by Nintendo itself, which the gaming giant eventually shut down due to the dwindling appeal of Flash games. Now a lone Nintendo fan has embarked on a difficult quest to turn back time, unearth these games, and make them available for future generations. With or, most likely, without Nintendo's blessing.

It might sound almost inconceivable that Nintendo actually made Flash games, and even made it available on the most easily pirated and hacked platform. And yet that was the case, but only for a short while. Those games eventually vanished, but, fortunately, in this case, the Internet really never forgets. Or at least the Internet Archives doesn't.

Modder Skelux scoured the Internet's past via the Wayback Machine and extracted some of the needed files to make the flash games work again. Some, because there are definitely still some missing pieces, some of which have let titles like Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, completely unplayable. There are, however, a lot that already are.

The collection hardly comprises spectacular, one of a kind titles. Most are mini-games and tie-ins to larger games. They are, however, still an important part of gaming history that still deserved to be preserved for posterity. Unless Nintendo's legal department decides otherwise, that is.

VIA: Motherboard