Nintendo delivery truck heist leaves pre-orders up in air

Nintendo pre-orders — particularly of the amiibo sort — are a hot thing right now, and trying to get an item before it is sold out is hard enough. What makes it harder are heists — robberies, that is — that snatch already-ordered gear. Such a reality has unfolded, however, with a delivery truck full of Splatoon amiibo and games being robbed in the United Kingdom. This is bad news for those in the region who pre-ordered the gear, as it is now likely stored in an illicit warehouse right now.

The truck was freshly on its way from a European warehouse for the gaming company, and it was heading toward GAME, a British retailer chain. Those who pre-ordered and were affected by the heist are being offered two different options, neither of which are as great as getting the gear on time.

Those who still want to get the item(s) they pre-ordered in some form or another can choose to receive a £10 discount on the items and will get a standard edition instead. Those who want to look for the items at a different store can choose to cancel the order instead.

At this point it isn't known whether the robbers — who took the entire truck, not just the goods — were targeting those items specifically or just picked a truck at random. Considering the popularity of both Splatoon and amiibos, however, it wouldn't be surprising if the target was deliberate.

SOURCE: Kotaku