Nintendo Creators Program puts an end to YouTube livestreaming

Nintendo is sending out an email to individuals in the Nintendo Creators Program advising them of a change that puts an end to YouTube livestreaming in the program. Of course, it isn't stopping YouTubers from live broadcasting entirely, but is instead telling them that they can't broadcast content on YouTube Live from the channel that they've registered with the game company's creators program.

A copy of the email recently surfaced on the NeoGAF forums; it advises users that the User Guide was updated to change the ways that revenue is generated for YouTube livestreamed broadcasts. The notice reads, in part:

Live streaming on YouTube falls outside the scope of the Nintendo Creators Program. This means that you cannot broadcast content on YouTube Live from the account you have registered to the Nintendo Creators Program. Please check the user guide for details.

Unfamiliar with the Nintendo Creators Program? It was launched a couple years ago as a way to get creators revenue for their YouTube videos featuring Nintendo content, one spurred by criticism over how revenue was previously handled. The program itself has since been heavily criticized for various reasons, this new livestreaming change being the most recent. Users, to put it mildly, aren't happy about the decision.

Now if you're registered in the program and want to keep broadcasting live, you need to use a different account or leave the program...both of which mean no revenue, which is a problem for users. Cancelling the channel's registration means having to register the videos separately. There's no good solution, and Nintendo hasn't provided any decent recent for why it made this change.