Nintendo Boxing Up Wiis?

Could the Nintendo Wii launch be closer that anyone has expected. According to IGN, it very well could be; apparently Nintendo of America has put out an ad looking for 150 people to start boxing up finished Wii consoles as early as this Tuesday. Furthermore, there's a second job posting looking for a production agent trainee to work out of Nintendo's North Bend plant, where Nintendo stores its products before shipping them to customers. What exactly does the job entail? Find out after the jump.

It's an exciting time to be a part of Nintendo's team! Millions of eager fans are eagerly anticipating the launch of our revolutionary new console, Wii. As a Production Agent Trainee, you'll be on the front-lines–working tirelessly to ensure they don't leave stores empty handed this holiday season.

So you get to handle a boatload of Wii consoles and get to work on the  head of the launch? Sign me up!

What does this mean for everyone else? It would appear that Nintendo has been making their dapper little box for some time now if they're already to start boxing up completed machines, meaning it's likely that Nintendo has a few hundred thousand consoles ready for boxing and shipping already. So, look for an official Nintendo statement as to when their new machine will hit shelves; my money's still on October, but hey...the sooner the better.

[via IGN]