Nintendo announces Wii Fit launch party

Nintendo is all about having big launches for their big titles. The latest launch party will be thrown in honor of the Wii Fit. Since the Fit is designed as something of a fitness product, they are changing things up a bit and using the party to raise funds for a good, healthy cause.

On May 19th Nintendo will be hosting an all-day event at New York's Central Park Merchants' Gate where they will give passerbys the opportunity to hop on the balance board and check out what Wii Fit has to offer.

Usually Nintedno will have some kind of contest where you can win prizes, however, that's not the case this time. Instead they will be donating $5 for each person who "gets on board" (up to a total of $25,000) to the American Heart Association. Definitely make sure to stop by if you're in the NY area.