Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts to create rides based on game characters

Nintendo is loosening up its iron grip on its beloved game characters. It used to be that the only place you found Nintendo characters was in Nintendo games on Nintendo platforms. Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts have now announced that they have teamed up to create rides and attractions based on famous Nintendo characters.

The only theme parks and resorts where Nintendo characters will be featured are those from Universal. The exact details of the deal between the two companies is unclear. We don't know what theme park will get the attractions based on the game characters first.

W also don't know what game characters Universal will be focusing on. All Nintendo has confirmed is that the attractions will be based on "Nintendo's most famous characters and games." You can certainly expect to see Mario rides.

Nintendo says that more details will be announced in the future after it and Universal creative teams have a chance to work on specific concepts. Universal owns Universal Studios Florida, Universal Islands of Adventure, Universal CityWalk Orlando, and has license agreements with Universal Studios in Japan and Singapore. There are plans to build a Universal theme park in Beijing and Moscow.