Nintendo 64's Rogue Squadron lands on Steam

The release of the Nintendo 64 was probably one of my favorite periods of console gaming. I was never bored with the console, as there were just so many different titles to play, that kept my interest. One such classic was Rogue Squadron. Sure, it was no X-Wing or TIE Fighter, like I had for my PC, but it was so much more advanced than either of those games. And now it's finally made its way to Steam.

Yes, the game has been out for some time on GOG, under the title of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D. However, I tend to try and keep as many PC games in my Steam library as possible, so this is great news for those in the same boat. They kept the same strange title, and so far it doesn't look as though anything has really changed for the Steam release.

While change isn't always good, sometimes it's nice to see it. Unfortunately in the case of Rogue Squadron 3D, you may run into some issues playing it. The biggest issues seem to lie in the input department. There is partial joystick support, but players have reported that the Xbox One controller seems to provide the best experience. Ironically, Valve's own Steam Controller doesn't appear to work very well at all.

The game is already up for sale on the site, with an asking price of $9.99. If you're eager to relive a classic from your youth, it might be worth picking up, or at least waiting until it goes on sale at some point.

Source: Steam