Nintendo 64 games played on Android Wear

Gamer geeks will put their favorite video games on anything just because. Such is the case with the Nintendo 64 Emulator that is playing on Android Wear in this video. The game is being played on the LG G Watch W100. At the beginning, we see Mario 64 action.

Some parts of the game appear to be sluggish and jittery during playback. The controls are touchscreen and with such a small screen, the controls seem to be hard to use. I can only imagine that the playing of Nintendo 64 games on the tiny smartwatch screen will destroy the battery life.

Mario 64 isn't the only game that we get to see running on the little watch screen. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is also shown on the watch. The graphics do seem to look just as good as they did back in the day on the Nintendo 64 on a TV screen.

Granted, the playback was much smother as I recall and the controls were much easier to use. The finger has to be placed on a tiny section of the bottom left side of the screen and the b and a buttons are tiny and located along the bottom of the screen. The builder gives us no indication of how he hacked the watch to play the games.