Nintendo 3DS To Get 3D Video Recording And Two New Games By Christmas

Nintendo did one of the best things it could to spur the sale of the new 3DS game console not long ago by reducing the price of the 3DS significantly. Nintendo is also set to offer some appealing new games and a cool new feature for the console as well. More games is the next big thing that the console needs with the lineup right now sparse and boring. The cool new feature coming to the consoles is 3D video recording.

In November, Nintendo will add a new update for the 3DS that enables all consoles to record 3D video footage using the dual cameras on the lid of the console. That will be really cool indeed. Along with the ability to record 3D video, the two new games offered for the holiday season from Nintendo both feature Mario.

The games will include Super Mario 3D Land that will hit stores on November 13. The game is the first ever 3D Mario platforming adventure. The game will let the users scout the levels before playing to find secrets too. The big game that many have been waiting for and the game that will drive some console sales is Mario Kart 7. That came will hit on December 4 and will bring first person driving to the platform for the first time.