Nintendo 3DS hack makes Nintendo Zone content available at home

The Nintendo Zone is a special gateway for your Nintendo 3DS if you happen to be in one of the thousands of special Wi-Fi hotspot locations that Nintendo has set up across the country. These hotspots are in Best Buy stores, airports, malls, and many other locations throughout the country and give gamers with a 3DS access to special content. Now, though, it's possible to gain access to that same set of content without leaving your house.

And as anyone living in the US in the 2010s knows, being able to do something from your house is always better than going out to do it. Yes, perhaps it is sad that someone might not have the energe to go to the local McDonald's to connect to Nintendo Zone, but we're not judging. A user who goes by the online handle DarkWish found out that this hack is actually one of extreme ease. In fact, it's so simple it almost boggles the mind. Anyone can do it, and here's how:

"If you set your wireless network to be named attwifi and make it unsecured, then add that network on your 3DS... you can access the Nintendo Zone from home! So whatever demos (right now it's just Mario & Sonic), Pokémon TV show episodes, and other content they have on there is now accessible from home." So the Nintendo Zone is not exactly set up with proprietary restrictions. It's kind of interesting that no one figured this out sooner. Here's a video so you can see for yourself:

[via Escapist]