Ninja lanternshark discovered in Central America

Despite all of the time that we've spent exploring our world, there are still many places that we humans have simply never seen. That's because so much of our world is covered in water. In those places we can still find fascinating new creatures that surprise us. Such is the case with the recently-discovered ninja lanternshark.

No, I didn't make up that name, that's the common name given to this particular creature. The more technical name for it is Etmopterus benchleyi. That's right, the new species of shark is named after famed Jaws author, Peter Benchley.

Much the same as other lanternsharks, it can create light from its special organs. This allows it to not only see, but possibly to communicate with others of its species. When it's not glowing, it is almost completely black, which is where the "ninja" part of its name comes from.

The shark was found off the Pacific coast of Central America. It lives nearly a mile underwater, far away from the prying eyes of us humans. It's unlikely that you'll ever run into one, even if you're in the area, due to the depth of their home.

VIA: Newsweek