Nikon nudges photographers toward DSLRs with new app

Mobile photography has done many things: opened up a photography hobby to the masses, ushered in a glut of filtered images, and further divided the professionals (and aspiring professionals) from the amateurs. Many still turn to professional-grade cameras to meet their needs, DSLRs standing chief among them, but getting started is tricky — there are numerous lenses and accessories available for digital SLR cameras, and pining down exactly what you need is hard. Nikon has taken a step, however, to simplify the process.

Nikon has launched a new app exclusively for the iPad called "NIKKOR & ACC". With this app, iPad users are able to access "Digital Catalog", a feature that is exactly what it sounds like: a digital catalog of Nikon's products, in this case products that work with the maker's DSLR cameras. This includes the ability to search for items based on certain criteria, such as product specifications, and to view both lenses and accessories that are available for Nikon DSLRs.

Says Nikon, those who download the app can use "Digital Catalog" to view information about Nikon's lenses, and to see a lens compared to alternative lens options — something billed as a way to choose the lens "most appropriate" for the photographer's needs. Product information about, for example, the lenses is provided, among the info being things like illustrations of the lens construction, sample images taken with the lens, and more. There's also a couple videos that showoff the maker's lens technology.

The app was launched in the Apple App Store on Wednesday, and is available to users running iOS 6.0 or later. It is, however, only compatible with the iPad. There aren't any stated plans to roll out options for Android slates or smartphones. In the future, Nikon plans to update the app with details "on lens basics", the NIKKOR lens tech, and more. The maker also plans on releasing future apps on other products. This comes at a time when traditional camera sales have been slumping and maker's have scrambled to reverse their fortunes.

SOURCE: Nikon Rumors