Nikon DSLR owners can finally transfer RAW images with SnapBridge

Nikon camera owners can finally transfer RAW images from their WiFi-enabled DSLR or mirrorless camera to a mobile device using the company's SnapBridge mobile app. The new ability arrived this week in an update for Android and iOS, one that also includes fast image transfers and an improved mobile design. Nikon users have been requesting the ability to wirelessly transfer RAW images using SnapBridge for years.

The new transfer ability arrived in SnapBridge v2.6, which is now available through the App Store and Google Play. With this, users who own a Nikon camera with WiFi support can transfer the raw images from their camera to a phone or tablet wirelessly. This a massive convenience for users who are located out in the field or who primarily do their editing on tablets.

Until now, users were forced to save the content to an SD card, then use that SD card with a laptop or a mobile USB dongle to transfer the images to a mobile device. RAW images are preferred over compressed JPEGs for certain tasks, including pulling details from what appear to be overblown skies and excessive shadows.

After updating, users will also find that the image transfer speed is now faster and the entire process is easier thanks to a new, more simplistic app UI. As well, Nikon says the new apps are also faster than before and they can now be used on tablets in addition to smartphones.

Wirelessly transferring images from a camera to a mobile device or WiFi-enabled hard drive has become the primary way most camera owners shuttle content between devices. This process is typically very fast, as well as highly convenient, particularly when away from the office.