Nike workout rewards expand with Apple Music, Headspace and more

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Back in November, Nike introduced a new feature for NikePlus members called NikePlus Unlocks. Over the weekend Nike announced that a new batch of these benefits have started rolling out to members, giving them a way to get rewarded for their workouts and more. The benefits come from Nike partners, among them being Apple and the folks behind the meditation app Headspace.

NikePlus members are being offered various Apple Music benefits that depend on what they're doing or buying. Nike explains that members can get up to four months of Apple Music service by purchasing the exclusive White Fusion colorway Nike Epic React Flyknit running shoe.

If you'd rather get a reward for working out rather than buying something, Nike also offers exclusive Apple Music playlists for things like hitting new workout milestones. Apple Music aside, the meditation app Headspace is offering NikePlus members the ability to unlock guided meditation and guided runs with a mindfulness twist as workout rewards.

Joining those is ClassPass, which is offering up class credits for workouts. Members are ultimately in the pipeline for getting personalized promotions based on their goals and interests, the items of which are varied. Nike uses examples like using the Nike app to buy a product and getting a month's subscription to ClassPass as a reward.

Finally, members are also getting exclusive access to certain products via the Exclusive Shop, among them being an exclusive pair of Nike Zoom KDX, a special color for the Epic React Flyknit shoes, and more. Nike also teases things like exclusive experiences and birthday month discounts.