Nike+ Run Club app update heralds arrival of Apple Watch 3 model

JC Torres - Oct 3, 2017, 4:01 am CST
Nike+ Run Club app update heralds arrival of Apple Watch 3 model

You don’t have a third gen Apple Watch yet and are still mulling over buying it. If you’re any type of sports buff and swear by Nike’s philosophy, then the athletic brand’s Nike+ app may have just given you a few reasons. The Nike+ Run Club app has just gotten a major feature boost and while many of those can be enjoyed on any old Apple Watch, for best results, you might want to get an Apple Watch 3 instead.

First, the features common to both iPhones and all versions of Apple Watches. New to the update is what Nike is calling Audio Guided Runs. It’s a shorthand way of calling guided coaching mixed with a playlist specifically curated for a certain run. Coaches include Mo Farah and, for a bit of a laugh, Kevin Hart. There’s also the new Cheers social encouragement feature, where friends on Nike+ can cheer you on when you announce that you’ll be on a run.

These features can be accessed from any Apple Watch. Specifically, they can start an Audio Guided Run and view Cheers on their wrist. One new exclusive smartwatch feature is the ability to see your last 5 runs right on the Apple Watch itself.

Once you get a new Nike+ Apple Watch 3 model, however, you also get some perks. For one, you might be able to stream Audio Guided Runs directly to the watch and leave the iPhone behind. You will also be able to record and see elevation data without an iPhone, as the Apple Watch 3 has enough sensors to do that by itself.

The Nike+ Apple Watch 3 series launches on 5th October. A GPS-only model goes for $329 while
a cellular model will set you back $399. The app is free, of course, and can already be downloaded and used on iPhones and any Apple Watch.

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