Nielsen looks at how people are streaming Hulu and Netflix

Netflix and Hulu are the two most popular streaming video services around. The services can be accessed on all sorts of devices from your DVR to your smartphone with a bunch of other devices in between. Nielsen has a new report on what devices people use to watch the streaming services and the results are a bit surprising to me for Netflix.

Most people out there that watch both streaming services are viewing directly on their computer. 42% of all Netflix users watch via the computer and a massive 89% of all Hulu watchers use their computer. When it comes to Netflix, 25% of all viewers are watching on the Nintendo Wii. Considering the Wii is not where Netflix landed first that is a surprise to me. It makes sense though considering how many Wiis Nintendo sold.

Nielsen also looked at the people that watch on TV via their computer and found that 14% of Netflix uses connect this way and 20% of Hulu users. When it comes to the PS3, 15% of Netflix viewers use this method and 3% of Hulu users. Xbox Live streaming has 12% of Netflix and 2% of Hulu. You can see the image here to get an idea of what other platforms are being used. Apple TV has the lowest amount of users with only 1% for each service using it.