NHTSA Tesla Model 3 crash test videos will make you wince

Shane McGlaun - Oct 10, 2018, 6:40 am CDT
NHTSA Tesla Model 3 crash test videos will make you wince

Not long ago we talked a bit about the high crash test ratings that the Tesla Model 3 had received from the NHTSA during the crash testing for the EV. Crash test videos always make us wince, they’re, after all, crushing cool cars that have never really had a life. Tesla’s cheapest EV earned 5-star ratings all around in testing.

In fact, the Model 3 has the lowest probability of hurting occupants in an accident of any car ever tested. That is impressive work by Tesla despite all the hang-ups in delivering the cars. When all added up, there is less than a 6% chance that injuries will happen in a Model 3 accident.

Tesla’s entire fleet of EVs has high crash test scores with the Model S and Model X sitting in the second and third spots for the safest rides tested by the NHTSA. Tesla’s engineering is what makes the car so safe, the low center of gravity thanks to the location of the battery pack and the 50/50 weight distribution make the car safe and perform well.

Tesla also integrated high performance and large front crumple zones into the car allowing it to perform well in front crash tests. The lack of a big motor under the hood sticking out front helps the larger crumple zones work.

Tesla is making green vehicles that are very safe, and once the lower price Model 3 rolls out in force it will also be affordable. Check out the video to watch Tesla Model 3 cars get smashed.

SOURCE: Electrek

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