NHTSA confirms a recall on some 2021 Subaru Impreza cars

The NHTSA has announced that Subaru is performing a recall on a limited number of 2021 Impreza vehicles. The recall covers 802 vehicles produced between February 25, 2021, and March 9, 2021. In addition, the recall covers some four-door versions of the Impreza and some station wagon versions of the car.

According to the recall details (PDF), affected vehicles might be equipped with a left front lower control arm with an improper weld at the joint connecting the lower control arm in the cross member. Subaru says it could identify potentially impacted vehicles by tracing the defective lower control arm LOT number to vehicle production records.

Subaru also notes that all vehicles not covered in the recall have a front lower control arm with a different LOT number. The number of Impreza four-door vehicles covered in the recall is 248. Impacted Impreza station wagon vehicles suffer from the same issue as the four-door versions mentioned above. However, the station wagon models were built between February 26, 2021, and March 9, 2021, with 554 potentially impacted.

The reason for the recall is the potential for an accident if the lower control arm partially separates from the crossmember while the owner is driving the vehicle. That will allow the tire to impact the wheel well, resulting in a loss of control and an increased crash risk. As for what caused the defective component, Subaru says equipment on the control arm assembly line was damaged.

The damaged equipment resulted in contact of the part ejector rod in the welding torch, causing the welding torch to be unable to trace the proper welding path resulting in an incomplete weld at the joint. With all potentially impacted vehicles, Subaru dealers will inspect the LOT number on the left front lower control arm. For all parts within a specific lot number range, the part will be replaced at no cost. Subaru also notes that the equipment at the factory was repaired on February 17th.