NHS-130C Rack Mounted home theaters system from Sony

Milena Glimbovski - Feb 26, 2008

You would think that if someone was going to put out the money for a system like this, it would be a bit more practical than this particular system is. However this thing is loaded with all HD and SD goodness that you could possibly want from top to bottom.

It has a 7.1 channel HD receivers, HD video distribution system, and can disperse music in up to 12 different zones. There is a Control4 system for home automation control, an in-wall iPod dock with content navigation and control, and a 400 disc DVD/CD changer with a management system.

There is also a Blu-Ray disc player and AM, FM, XM, and Sirius tuners. The confusing part is where it only has 160GB of storage space on the music server, everyone in the industry is trying to pack in as many terabytes as humanly possible to satiate their customers and Sony comes to the table with a 160GB, something I could find in my iPod. There is of course some customization available, base price for one of these rackmounted systems is $40k and tops out at about $85k, enjoy.

[via ubergizmo]

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