NFL fines Chad Ochocinco $25K for Tweets During Game

Shane McGlaun - Aug 25, 2010
NFL fines Chad Ochocinco $25K for Tweets During Game

I think we can all learn a lesson from Bengals wide-receiver Chad Ochocinco and the appropriate time and place for using social media after his in-game Tweets during a recent NFL game cost him big time. Chad is a big Twitter user apparently and Tweets all the time.

He posted a couple Tweets during a recent game using Rock Software and the NFL hit him with a massive $25,000 fine. The NFL doesn’t play around; let that be a lesson to any other players with a social media fetish.

The fine was for violating the league rules that prohibit the posting of messages on social media websites during the 90 minutes before kickoff and until postgame media obligations are completed. Ochocinco Tweeted two times during the game once talking about catching a pass and later talking about getting nailed on a play. His apology was naturally done via Twitter to the league and he said the fine was two months of his Bugatti payments. Hope you have some savings Chad.

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