NFC rings won't let you cheat on shows without your partner

In the past, commitment meant that you fell in love with someone, exchanged rings and vows, and lived happily ever after. These days, people apparently can't even commit to watching a TV show together without one party cheating on the other. Sure, it seems harmless. You'll just jump ahead and watch the next couple episodes of House of Cards, even though you promised never to do that. It's okay though, you can just act surprised when you re-watch it with them. Well, one company wants to prevent this from happening, by once again using rings as a means of commitment.

Ordinary wedding rings are typically made of gold, with one typically adorned with precious gems of some sort. Ice cream maker Cornetto has developed a pair of rings that trade flashy metals and gems for high-tech innards. Once you put them on, you'll never be able to watch your favorite show without your partner.

The rings work in conjunction with an app on your smartphone. Once you get them together and activate them, you and your partner can use the app to select certain shows that you'll only watch together. Since the app is linked to the streaming service of your choice, it will automatically block those shows when the rings are apart. When you're together, the NFC technology detects both rings being together, and will let you watch those shows.

I'll admit to being a little confused about how it will stop me from watching a specific show on Netflix. The company hasn't given up all of the details about those things, but I assume that they'll explain it in greater detail in time. They haven't mentioned a price, or when they will be available either.

Source: SeriesCommitment