Nexus updates no longer guaranteed in 2 weeks

Among the more anxious Android fans are those who have Nexus devices. When a new anything comes out, that faction assumes they're first in line — and rightfully so. The whole scope of Nexus is to give you a direct line to Android as Google envisions it, or at least that was the aim. It seems Google is changing the language regarding updates to Nexus and Google Play edition devices to reflect a new Nexus-y world where carriers have a say.

Supported devices were originally supposed to get updates within two weeks of an android update coming out. As pointed out by Android Police, that's now a more democratic process, as Google's support page says "based on your carrier, it may take longer than two weeks after release to get an update."

The current support window for Nexus devices is still 18 months, something we saw with the Nexus 5 and Galaxy Nexus KitKat update.

Of course, there are avenues for you to get the update without waiting for the over-the-air variety. Those methods aren't widely popular, though, and are likely too cumbersome for the average user.

Moving forward, Google is likely just protecting themselves from messy situations where carriers don't respond to Google's update promises. With the Nexus 6, it seems as though Google is much more interested in partnering with carriers than thumbing their nose at them, and that's what we're probably seeing here.

Source: Google