Nexus One Used as a USB Host, Thanks to Hack [Video]

For many users out there, one of the better parts of having a phone powered by Google's Android Operating System, is that with a little tinkering, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it. That's mostly because of the Linux running in its veins, but that's definitely not a bad thing. And while rooting is a great way to get what you want done (as this project clearly demonstrates), it's the results that matter the most. And if you've ever wanted to make your Nexus One a USB host, be happy that it's now possible. And has been done, on video.

The person behind the whole thing? Sven Killig. Who, for the record, probably has one of the most unique, if not down-right coolest set ups we've ever seen for a computer desk. And while he had his fun rooting the Nexus One, he felt like his device should be doing more. So, obviously, he went ahead and cooked up his own line of code that would make the handset work as that aforementioned USB host. And now he can do crazy things with his phone, like connect a Bluetooth keyboard, or even a webcam.

Or, if you're a fan of putting things on USB sticks, he was also able to watch some movies loaded from the accessory. He was also able to connect a monitor thanks to a DisplayLink USB-to-DVI adapter. The best part of all this? He's got the whole thing demonstrated for you on video, but not only that, you can hit up the downloadable binaries from his website. And while he tried all of this on Android 2.2, which means its the only version of Android it's been successfully tested on (at the moment), Sven believes that it will work on Android 2.1, too.

[via Sven Killig]