Nexus 9 keyboard folio now available -- for $129

Now that we're well heeled in Nexus 9-ness, Google has gone ahead and released the keyboard folio for their flagship tablet. As expected, the keyboard folio does all we were told it would: attaches magnetically, doubles as a hardcover case — all the good stuff. We do find it interesting that Google has made the folio with a mechanical keyboard, though. It's also interesting that it comes in one color, "black leather". Even more interesting is the price Google thinks you'll pay.

The Nexus 9 keyboard folio will set you back $129.

For that spend, you get two-angles for the screen when you're typing, which will improve your comfort and have you craning your neck less. It attaches to your Nexus 9 magnetically, and pairs via Bluetooth. Google even says you'll get five full months battery life from the folio on a single charge.

The folio is also $129.

Though it's specifically made for the Nexus 9, that's quite a bit of cash for a wireless keyboard. For the productivity hounds out there, there may not be a second thought on snapping one up.

For the everyman, touchscreen is likely just fine. So is keeping your device slim, since this folio looks to just about double the thickness of your Nexus 9. And there are probably better things you can think to spend $129 on. That's almost as much as a Chromebook.

If you were to buy a base model Nexus 9 and this folio, that's $528. Step it up to an LTE version, and you're spending upwards of $728. All I can say is yikes.

Source: Google