Nexus 6 heads to 12 more countries, still not shipping

There are a lot of fans of Android out there waiting to get hands on the Nexus 6 smartphone with Android 5.0 onboard. That device isn't shipping just yet, but availability is being announced. Google recently announced that the smartphone will be available in 12 more countries. Despite "availability" in those countries, the device isn't available to ship.

The device is up for pre-order as of last week, but stock of the smartphone is unable to keep up with demand. Motorola, the maker of the device, is also taking pre-orders. However, mystery about when you will get the smartphone abounds since Motorola offers no indication of if the device is in stock before you order.

The other countries where the smartphone is on Google Play includes Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. You can see pricing for the Nexus 6 in all of those countries in the image here.

Shenanigans with ship dates will only make those who want to purchase the smartphones angry. Few things are more annoying that purchasing a device not listed as backordered only to find out it will be weeks before the device ships.

SOURCE: Android Community