Nexus 4 Vinyl Skins Available From Dbrand For Only $9

Who doesn't love a bit of gadget personalization? Those who have managed to get their hands on the LG Nexus 4 can grab a vinyl skin for the handset over at Dbrand starting at only $9, which isn't much if you're familiar with the typical cost of skins. A total of 12 different options are available with enough variety among them to appeal to most people.

The skins are available in three different textures, which each texture being offered in a total of 9 different colors. The texture options are comprised of Leather, Brushed Aluminum, and Carbon Fiber. The skins are made from 3M adhesive vinyl, so users don't have to worry about sticker-like adhesive being left on the phone when the skin is removed.

Because the skins are adhesive vinyl, they can be removed and reapplied when desired, meaning users can get more than one and swap them out whenever desired. The designs are laser-etched, so the texture quality is high and consistent and the fit is precise. The Nexus branding on the phone is not hidden by the skin due to a cutout in the adhesive to keep it visible. Obviously, there are also cutouts for the camera and speaker, as well.

While skins won't protect your phone like a case, not everyone enjoys having a large, sometimes unattractive piece of plastic wrapped around their handset. In this case, a skin is the perfect option, giving your device a different look without any undue hassle. And for only $9, you really can't beat it.

[via Android Community]