Nextreme Thermobility solution turns heat into power for mobile devices

A company called Nextreme has a really interesting mobile wireless power generation system that might one day find its way into the gadgets we all know and love. The solution is called Thermobility and it reminds me a bit of a CPU cooler from the inside of a computer.

Thermobility devices use heat as a way to generate power and are appropriate for low-power wireless products. The power generator will work in any device where there is adequate heat according to the company and the design will run for "decades" without maintenance.

The Thermobility WPG-1 has a constant voltage output of 3.3, 4.1, or 5 Vdx to electrical loads of 15kΩ or higher. The device itself is about the size of a golf ball and has a pin-fin heat sink, circuit boards, and the Nextreme eTEG HV56 thermoelectric power generator module. Future version will have integrated energy storage for devices that have variable heat sources. The WPG-1 generator is available now for evaluation for $495.