Nextear wireless earbuds include multi-purpose case

Earbuds used to be the ultimate audio convenience, but they're not anymore. The cable is an unwanted shackle between smartphone and ears, and while Bluetooth earbuds eliminate that tether, they don't often eliminate the actual wire. Nextear is different, being two individual and entirely wire-free earbuds that work together to produce stereo audio. They come with a case that features an integrated battery for charging the earbuds while on the go, but it does more than that — the case is multi-purpose, and brings with it several features including an LED flashlight.

The earbuds communicate with each other and the smartphone using Bluetooth, and they're promised to stay in sync with each other, meaning you won't have audio playing at different rates. A single earbud can be used, if desired. Putting them in the case recharges them, but the case's integrated battery is large enough to serve as a regular battery bank, as well, recharging your phone or other devices too.

There's also 16GB of storage space in the case for storing files, building upon the storage you have in your phone for carrying around more music or podcasts. There's a small hook to attach a keyring, an embedded LED light for using as a flash light (handy for when you drop an earbud in the dark), and a status light that indicates the case's status.

Nextear's maker is seeking $20,000 USD in funding on Indiegogo, where it has raised nearly $60,000 USD with 30 days remaining. Those interested, and assuming all goes as planned, can get a pair for $119 USD (the early bird pricing), which will start shipping out to backers in October of this year. The eventual retail price is pegged at $263 USD.

SOURCE: Indiegogo