Next Windows 10 feature update promised to be less disruptive

On paper, Windows 10 would have been one of Microsoft's best attempt at modernizing an almost ancient platform. It had all the elements of a modern operating system while still keeping compatibility with the thousands of software available for Windows. But, as they say, theory and practice aren't always the same and Windows 10 became notorious for its updates, both the incessant nagging as well as the broken feature updates. For the next major Windows 10 update, Microsoft is promising it won't break anything and it will be doing that by making that update less features.

Microsoft just recently rolled out the May 2019 Windows 10 update and, naturally, there are questions on what it has in mind for its second of two annual updates. Given Microsoft's track record in the quality of updates, that curiosity also comes with a bit of dread about what Microsoft will break this time around. Microsoft is practically assuring it won't.

In a rather rare occurrence, Microsoft blogged about its plans for the next Windows 10 feature update, internally codenamed 19H2. Long story short, it won't be as massive or ambitious as previous feature updates. Instead, it will focus more on a "scoped set of features" fo performance and quality improvements.

Additionally, Microsoft says it will be delivering the update in a new way using "servicing technology". In other words, it will release the update just like it does monthly service or cumulative updates. This, Microsoft says, is to minimize the disruption the feature update might cause.

If it sounds like Microsoft is taking a step back and taking a break from big feature updates, it's exactly that. Some have already commented how 19H2 sounds like a service pack update to 19H1, which is the recent May 2019 update. Hopefully, it will give Microsoft a much-needed breather to evaluate its update process and make sure future ones will be delivered with minimum problems.