Next Wii may be a 3D console

Shane McGlaun - Jun 17, 2010
Next Wii may be a 3D console

When the Wii first came out, I had to have one. I have all three consoles in my house but the only one we play regularly is the PS3. The Wii and the Xbox 360 sit gathering dust for the most part. I have always had a problem with the Wii not having HD graphics, in a modern console I think that should be a requirement.

Surprisingly Nintendo opted to not do HD on the console despite the proliferation of HDTVs in homes when the console was first introduced. Nintendo execs feel that graphics aren’t as important as game play. There may be some truth to that, but good graphics and game play aren’t too much to ask.

Nintendo unveiled the 3DS officially at E3 with its 3D graphics and Kotaku reports that the next generation Wii console may end up being a 3D capable device. This would be odd considering that Nintendo has never felt the need to put the latest tech into its game console. That said, the company really has to go HD with the next console to keep gamers interested and if you are going HD, you might as well do 3D too. Nintendo says it is watching adoption trends of 3D TVs and once that passes 30%, it may offer a 3D console.

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